We would like to introduce you our new project, Freesia Flower Kumköy, as Kartal Homes. Freesia Flower Kumköy Project, which has beenconstructed in the District of Kumköy, Side contains normal and duplex flats. The building complex will include 4 normal and 4 duplex falts. 1 swimming pool, car park, kiddy pool, children's park, and surveillance cameras which will be 24-hour active are included in our new building complex. There are two types of flats in the complex. One of them include 2+1 flats which are measured 95 square meters and the others are consisted of 3+1 duplex flats which are measured 208 square meters.

NORMAL FLAT 2+1 (95 M²)

+ Livingroom ve açık mutfak (34 m²)
+ Bedroom (14 m²)
+ Kid's Room / Guestroom (11 m²)
+ Bathroom (4 m²)
+ Balcony No. 1 (18 m²)
+ Balcony No. 2 (5 m²)


+ Livingroom ve açık mutfak (31 m²)
+ Bedroom (11 m²)
+ Çocuk Odası / Misafir Odası (10 m²)
+ Bathroom (4 m²)
+ Balcony No. 1 (18 m²)
+ Balcony No. 2 (5 m²)


+ Livingroom (16 m²)
+ Bedroom and Changing Room (24 m²)
+ Bathroom 1 (6 m²)
+ Bathroom 2 (4 m²)
+ Balcony (20 m²)

Fresia Flower Kumköy Project is located at the very heart of the center of attractions in the district of Kumköy, Side. The project is situated on the Kumköy coastal road and just behind the bazaars taking place along the road. The project is 2 miniutes walk away from the 5-star hotels. Besides, it is 700 meter far from the Kumköy Beach. You may see how distant Kumköy is from the famous tourist attractions of Antalya on the table below:

Evrenseki bEACH1 km
Antalya Airport46 km
Evrenseki Bazaars100 m
Beşkonak Rafting25 km
Ancient City of Side6 km
Manavgat Falls4 km

We would like to underline that, as a company, our priority is our customers' comfort in all circumstances. For this reason, we offer after-sale service for our customers. Within the framework of this service, it is our responsibilty to take over the management of the building complex. We will be at our customers' disposal in case they come across with a problem about the flats they have bought. Furthermore, in compliance with our "comfort first" policy for our customers, in case they decide to rent their flats, we will be dealing with the necessary paperwork and the tenants.

Our flats are 45 minutes away from Antalya Airport and we offer free transport from the airport to the building complex when they want to have a look at the flats first before they buy and also following the sale when they want to move in. Besides, the service will be kept on in exchange for a fair fee following the sale at any time of the day.

COMPLETED ON 10.06.2014

2 + 1 Flat 100,000 € 90,000 €

3 + 1 Duplex Flat 150,000 € 135,000 €